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All the teachers below have been personally trained by Jyoti. Jyoti continuously supports the teachers and monitors the classes.
Jyoti - London School Of Dance Jyoti Trivedi (and her London School of Dance!)
The study of dance builds confidence, mental and physical strength, coordination, flexibility; achieve lifelong fitness and well being. Students learn to improve dance skills and abilities and prevent injuries through an understanding of how the body works. Movement transcends cultural barriers. It develops creativity, perception, enjoyment, admiration and acceptance through non-verbal experiences. Students need to dance to express and associate with the continuity of different cultures. Angel Dancers London School of Dance is one of the premier Indian Dance Schools in the UK.
Arpana - Angel Dancer Arpana Depala
Arpana has been in the dance school for ten years. She takes part in many shows very regularly. Arpana enjoys dancing and teaching. She has performed abroad in many shows and has performed with many stars from Bollywood, she has also taken part in many film shoots.
Julie - Angel Dancer Julie Devshi
Julie has been in the dance school for ten years. She teaches in the Saturday school, performs regularly and has also taken part in many competitions. Her most recent show was in Russia, where she says it was simply amazing. She has travelled to a number of places abroad and has taken part in many film shoots and enjoys teaching and dancing.

Julie says... "I enjoy passing on my knowledge of dance to younger children which I myself learnt whilst a student at Angels. Dancing is a passion of mine, I still learn routines regularly for performances organized by Jyoti, and teach to younger children, to help and encourage them within the performing arts environment."
Arshina - Angel Dancer Arshina Trivedi
Arshina is twenty and has been in the dance school since a very young age. She teaches in Kingsbury and says she enjoys dancing and teaching. She feels she is giving something back to society by passing on her knowledge of dance.

Arshina has performed in many high profile shows one on her most recent is performing with Malaika Aurora at the Grosvenor Park Lane. Her other shows include Spain, Sweden, Norway, Paris, Switzerland together with some exciting film shoots (Bride and Prejudice, Bend like Beckham, East is East and some Bollywood film shoots). The dance school has given her the confidence and the ability to be a good dancer, a good model and a good teacher.
Dhruvil - Angel Dancer Dhruvil
Dhruvil is a professionally trained dance teacher from India. He applied to become a teacher in the school after his troupe had won Boogie woogie in India and he also won a solo performance. He has since been teaching and performing for the school. In the two years that he has been in the dance school he has already performed in over 4oo shows.  
Janika - Angel Dancer Janika
I been a student of Angels for many years, dancing is my passion. I am now a teacher, i enjoy teaching young children and  enjoy all the shows that we perform at. I particularly enjoy the melas and variety shows as we meet many stars etc.
Amit - Angel Dancer Amit
I started Angel Dance School as a student in 2004.I have progressed through out the years and now I teach for Angels. Angel Dance School has given me opportunities to perform in many high profile shows,film shoots,music video's and fashion shows and also work with celebrities.
It's a fun way of keeping fit and mainly having fun!!!
Dhara - Angel Dancer Dhara
i started Angels when i was very young, i am now a teacher in Angels and i teach the special needs class which provides me with a better understanding of how the dance world operates. It has taught me a valuable lesson that anyone and everyone can learn. I also take part in many shows and variety performances which i enjoy tremendously.  
1 Chandni - Angel Dancer 1 1 Chandni
I have been dancing with Angels for the past 8 years and have found that it has built up my confidence overall as a person. Angels has given me a lot of opportunities e.g. dancing with stars, shows nationwide and abroad. I have also performed at the Lohana culture shows for the last 6-7 years and have taken first prize each year again the dances were choreographed by Jyoti Trivedi. The school has given me the opportunity to share my experience with other students and become a dance teacher. I would recommend Angel Dancers to anyone who is looking to build confidence, make friends, pubic speaking and above all keep fit.  
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Angel Dance
Angel Dance
Angel Dance
1 Shreeya - Angel Dancer 1 1 Shreeya
I have been part of Angels for 7 years and have been teaching the adorable East London girls on Saturdays for almost a year. Since joining the dance school, I have been given countless opportunities to participate in shows all over the country. As well as shows, I have taken part in various competitions, such as the yearly LCUK competitions. 
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Angel Dance
Angel Dance

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